Friday, November 19, 2010

"Cholera protests" against UN continue in Haiti

Protests continued in Haiti for a fourth day amid revelations by a Swedish diplomat that an unnamed US official confirmed that the current cholera epidemic was introduced by UN troops. Flashpoints on Pacifica has Ansel Herz on the ground reporting from Haiti's second largest city Cap Haitien. We are joined in the studio by our Senior Analyst and Correspondent Kevin Pina who tells of his conversations with Swedish Ambassador to the Caribbean Claes Hammar. Ambassador Hammar broke the story that UN Nepalese troops were responsible for bringing cholera into the country.

November 18. 2010 - A Haitian mother tries to revive her
daughter suffering from cholera. ©2010 HIP

November 18. 2010 - UN troops fire tear gas at protesters in Port au Prince Haiti ©2010 HIP

November 18. 2010 - Haitian protesters in
Port au Prince confront Haitian police ©2010 HIP

November 18. 2010 - Protesters in Haiti's capital deface a poster of the
ruling INITE party's presidential candidate Jude Celestine ©2010 HIP

November 18. 2010 - Protesters in Port au Prince block
major intersections with burning tires ©2010 HIP

November 18. 2010 - Haitian riot police confront demonstrators
on fourth day of protests against the UN  ©2010 HIP

November 18. 2010 - Haitian mother fearing her children may have
cholera waits for medical attention in Port au Prince ©2010 HIP

Listen to the Flashpoints radio segment on Haiti and Kevin Pina's analysis at the end of the program.