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Haiti's Batay Ouvriye plays both ends against the middle as "maquila workers take to the streets —again"

Many in Haiti's labor movement have called foul and a conflict of interest, noting that Yannick Etienne of Batay Ouvriye, also known as Yvane Elie Castera, actually serves as a member of Martelly's Administrative Council of Social Security Bodies (CAOSS). She joined Martelly's "labor initiative" even as tens of thousands of Haitians have taken to the streets in recent months demanding Martelly resign amid accusations of corruption and the lack of free and fair elections.

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"One of the representatives, Yannick Etienne of the leftist Batay Ouvriye ("Worker's Struggle"), reported that "steps are under way for a consensus among the different parties on this situation. There are possibilities of meetings with the [CSS], the bosses and some unions." She added that "the question of the wages for the workers has to be renegotiated, because they don't accept the 225 gourdes."

The factories reopened on Dec. 13, but according to Batay Ouvriye "the main officials of the factory [union] committees weren't allowed to enter, sometimes with a letter indicating a suspension or a penalty, when it wasn't an outright dismissal." (AlterPresse, Dec. 13; Batay Ouvriye News, Dec. 13)

A smiling Yvane Elie Castera, an active supporter 
of the 2004 coup in Haiti standing to the right of Martelly in this recent
photograph, is also known as Yannick Etienne of Batay Ouvriye.

Written by The Sentinel Staff

Sunday, September 01, 2013 11:57 AM

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - Two institutions in the management of workers insurance and wage protection, the Superior Council of Salaries (CSS) and the Administrative Council of Social Security Departments (CAOSS) were inaugurated on Thursday during a ceremony at the National Palace.

 The installation ceremony was presided by the President of the Republic, Michel Martelly in the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour, Charles Jean Jacques and some members of the government, some parliamentarians, members of the private sector, representatives of international organizations and the trade union sector.

In a statement, the National Palace said "the setting-up of these two institutions is a milestone in the history of social security in Haiti."

The two structures established, according to President Martelly, are "to improve the performance of the institutions provided for by law in order to strengthen democracy, to support the Republican values​​, while ensuring security and peace for all citizens." The Head of State said, "I rely on these players who will assume their responsibilities."

The installation of CSS and CAOSS aims to respond to the needs of working men and women brave, thirty years after the adoption of the law establishing the CAOSS and CSS . The Head of State believes it is necessary to strengthen the organization of our social security system . With CAOSS , ONA and OFATMA will be better able to meet the workers in terms of social benefits and can contribute more to the stability and national cohesion.

"By making the functional CAOSS I want to reform and strengthen the foundations of our social security system guaranteeing distribution solidarity between generations. I take this opportunity to remind the mandatory contributions to social security funds."

For his part, the Minister of Social Affairs thanked the CAOSS and CSS, which in a patriotic spirit and public service , have agreed as part of tripartism to be part of these tips and give their time to advance the agenda of social security and the highly sensitive issue of the wage in Haiti.

The members of the Administrative Council of Social Security Bodies (CAOSS) are:
Volmy Desrameaux Fils, Tamara Georges Decastro, Reginald Delva (State Representatives );
Nahomme Dorvil, Nathale Hermantin, Gérald Marie Tardieu (Patron Representatives);
Leonel Pierre, Wisler Romain, Yvane Elie Castera (Representatives of Wage)
The Superior Council of Salaries is composed of:
 Marie France H. Mondesir, Renan Hédouville, Daniel Altine (State Representatives);
Norma Powell, Dany Jean Pierre Francois, Reginald Boulos (Representatives of Employers);
Jean Bonald Golinsky Fatal Jean Franck Noisimond , Fignole St Louis Cyr (Representatives of Wage).

Investiture  du conseil supérieur des salaires et du conseil d’administration des organes de sécurité sociale

Port-au-Prince, le 29 aout 2013 – (AHP) - Le président Michel Martelly a donné Investiture  jeudi au conseil supérieur des salaires et au conseil d’administration des organes de sécurité sociale (CAOSS).

La cérémonie s’est déroulée au palais présidentiel en preesence du ministre des affaires sociales et du travail Charles Jean-Jacques.

Le ministre Jean-Jacques s’est félicité du fait que gouvernement de montre intéressé à rendre fonctionnelles ces instances prévues par la loi depuis près d’une trentaine d’années.

Tout en reconnaissant les difficultés qui ont empêché leur mise en place M. Jean-Jacques a renouvelé l’engagement de l’équipe au pouvoir à garantir le respect des droits de la population à travers un système efficace de protection sociale.

Le président Michel Martelly a exhorté les membres du conseil d’administration des organes de sécurité sociale et du conseil supérieur des salaires à prendre à cœur les responsabilités auxquelles ils sont appelées.

Le chef de l’État a indiqué que toutes les entités concernées par la situation des travailleurs doivent travailler dans la plus parfaite harmonie.
C’est une condition sine qua non à la prospérité économique, a-t-il indiqué.

Michel Martelly a une nouvelle fois pris l’engagement de contribuer à la mise en place d’un système efficace de sécurité sociale et  à l’amélioration des conditions socio-économiques de la population en général.

 Les membres du Conseil d’Administration des Organes de Sécurité Sociale (C.A.O.S.S.) sont :

Volmy Desrameaux Fils, Tamara Georges Decastro, Réginald de Delva, (Représentants de l’Etat) ;

Nahomme Dorvil, Nathale Hermantin, Gérald Marie Tardieu ( Représentants du patronnat) ;

Leonel Pierre, Wisler Romain, Yvane Elie Castera (Représentants du Salariat).

Le Conseil Supérieur des Salaires est composé de :

Marie France H. Mondésir, Renan Hédouville, Daniel Altiné (Représentants de l’État) ;

Norma Powell, Jean Dany Pierre Francois, Réginald Boulos (Représentants du Patronat) ;

Jean Bonald Golinsky Fatal,  Jean Franck Noisimond, Louis Fignolé St Cyr (Représentants du Salariat).