Saturday, May 22, 2021

DEKANTASYON: Deconstructing events in #Haiti - May 22, 2021 with Frantz Jerome, Kevin Pina & our special guest Farah Juste

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On today's DEKANTASYON we visit protests in France and New York by the Haitian diaspora against the June 27th referendum to change Haiti's constitution being pushed by the #PHTK government of Jovenel Moise.  Gang leader Jimmy Cherizier, aka BBQ, has offered to provide security for the referendum in Port au Prince stating, "We either have a referendum to change the constitution or we have a civil war"! We also look at Columbia's attempt to use Haiti to improve the image of its police who have been going on a killing spree against anti-government protests in its own country. Finally, we're joined by legendary singer and activist Farah Juste for a discussion about events in Haiti.