Monday, January 23, 2012

Senator in Haiti continues to press for investigation

Haitian Senator Moise Jean-Charles (l) continues to press investigation into
Haitian president Michel"Sweet Mickey" Martelly's (r) having provided false
information to run for office in the last elections.

Haiti Information Project (HIP) News Flash: President Michel Martelly's woes concerning allegations of holding a US passport are multiplying in Haiti. If true, he would be indicted by the Haitian Senate for having lied on his candidate forms when registering in the last elections. The irony is that he would be indicted for providing a false declaration to the very same Provisional Election Council (CEP) his government is currently prosecuting for fraud. 

The US Embassy has not commented on the authenticity of the US passport presented by Senator Moise Jean-Charles to the Haitian Senate. Jean-Charles and the Senate Investigating Commission will be traveling to Washington to meet with US Senators John Kerry (D) and Richard Luger (R). They are expected to forward an official request to the US Department of State to ascertain the validity of Martelly's alleged US passport. Either way, the controversy does not bode well for the Martelly administration which is already facing growing discontent at home and waning support from the international community.