Wednesday, September 28, 2011

20th Anniversary of the 1991 coup in Haiti

Today is the 20th anniversary of the brutal military coup of 1991 in Haiti. By the time it ended three years later, the Haitian military and the CIA creature known as FRAPH, had slaughtered, tortured, maimed and disappeared more than 5000 people. It is this legacy that must never be forgotten as Martelly, a supporter of the same deadly forces, calls for the re-institution of the military in Haiti.

On this day commemorating the memory of the victims of 1991, we are also reminded of the tremendous loss and sacrifice of the Haitian people following the second coup in 2004. The two years of severe repression between 2004-2006 also took thousands of lives as part of the history of the current UN military occupation, without which, a Duvalierist and military supporter such as Martelly could have never risen to power.

Join us in calling:

Long Live REAL popular democracy in Haiti!!

Long Live resistance to injustice & foreign occupations in Haiti!

Long Live the memory of the martyrs of the 1991 & 2004 coups!!

Long live the spirit of freedom, justice and independence in Haiti!!

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