Friday, February 24, 2012

"Dirty dancing" Martelly seen as "unpresidential"

Video released purporting homophobic "dirty dancing" parody performed by president Michel Martelly during recent carnaval in Les Cayes

The same day prime minister Garry Conille resigns as prime minister of Haiti a controversial video surfaces purportedly from the recent Haitian carnival celebrations held in the southern city of Les Cayes. The video shows current Haitian president Michel Martelly performing a "dirty dance" routine with another man intended to mock homosexuals. At one point the president says "your afraid of my d**k, let me give it to you." The president of Haiti continues the routine to the clear disbelief of many in the audience. He ends the fiasco with "I didn't want to f**k you anyway because your ass is too boney." 

Most Haitians, including Martelly supporters that have watched the video circulating on YouTube, have reacted with embarrassment and dismay. "This can only make us look worse in the eyes of others. No matter what, he is supposed to respect the fact that he is the president of Haiti," responded 26 year-old Martine Lescot from New York who describes herself as a Martelly supporter. 

The timing of the video is seen as damaging to Martelly as it comes on the heels of the resignation of Conille who openly disagreed with the president over cooperating with a parliamentary investigation into his nationality.


Anonymous said...

Are English subtitles or a translation available?

Anonymous said...

wow! I can't even believe me own eyes. This is beyond just embarrassment. This man, our country's president, is deranged. I was never a supporter, as a matter of fact I was in choke when I learned of his victory. To be honest I never expected mush more from this guy, but this video still came as a shock to me.
This goes to show just how much the Haitian people have had to endure politically that they would have more faith in this clown then any one else who might actually be sain. This is just sad for Haiti.